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17 Oct, 2023

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Law Assignment Help in the UK

A law is a rule which is created by authority and that must be obeyed by the people. A law basically made by the government that must be followed by the citizens if they don't they have to face punishment. For instance, in most places there are laws about stealing, if you are found guilty then you will be given punishment under a particular section. Law is a set of duties and principles foisted by the government to secure the welfare and provide justice to society. violence should not be allowed in society and thus, peace is maintained by the orders.

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History of UK law  

  • UK history is a long and complex story that covers several countries. It originated with the legal reforms of King Henry II in the 12th century and was called “common” because it applied equally across the whole country.
  • Justice in Anglo Anglo-Saxon time period and after the Norman version of 1660 was a mixture of royal and local government. Early English law was simply based on customs and traditions. Till the end of the 12th century guilt and integrity in criminal cases were determined by the process of “trial by ordeal.
  • Common law: The common law includes both substantive rules, such as the offense of murder, and procedural ones, such as court procedure rules derived from the inherent jurisdiction of the court.
  • Offenses of theft, for example, based on the old common law offense of larceny, are now governed by the Theft Acts 1968, 1978, etc.
  • There is a limit to the extent to which common law judges, however creative or “activist”, can reform an out-of-date law, particularly if it derives from a statute. In such circumstances, only Parliament can change the law. The need for such a change often follows a time period of research and consultation by the Law Commission, which was set up to review and propose reform to old or inadequate laws.
  • Common law rules may be superseded or replaced by legislation, which is said to “trump” or take precedence over the common law. Offenses of theft, for example, based on the old common law offense of larceny, are now governed by the Theft Acts 1968, 1978, etc; and the original penalties for murder (though not the offense itself) were replaced by statutes such as the Homicide Act 1957.

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Source of law

  • Primary law: Legislation (Acts of Parliament or statutes, statutory instruments, Orders in Council, etc). Case law (decisions of the higher courts, or “courts of record”, which are binding on and must be followed and applied by less senior courts).
  • Secondary law: textbooks and commentaries by legal writers, the opinions of legal experts, and decisions of the courts (of whatever seniority) of other (foreign) jurisdictions

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Law Assignment Help

FAQ asked about Law Assignment Help in UK

Q1. Who makes the law?

 ANS. The laws are established by the passing of the legislation by parliament which consists of the monarch (the House of Commons and the House of Laws).

Q2. How many laws are there in the United Kingdom?

ANS. There are more than 3k laws in the United Kingdom.

Q3. What are the main laws in the United Kingdom?

 ANS. There are 9 main laws in the United Kingdom i.e,

  • The first act of supremacy 1534
  • The Act of Union 1707
  • The slave trade act of 1807
  • The Factory Act of 1833
  • The Cruelty to Animal Acts 1835
  • The Married Women Property Act of 1870
  • The Education Act of 1870
  • The Representation of the People Act 1980
  • The National Health Service Act of 1946

Q4. What is the origin of UK law?

 ANS. The UK law originated by “King Henry II” in the 12th century.

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