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16 Oct, 2023
16 Oct, 2023
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What is biomedical science?

Biomedical science is a professional field that plays a vital role in human health or wealth and also applies the principles to understand the causes of mechanisms, and disease treatment. Biomedical science includes disciplines like; microbiology, biochemistry, Hematology, molecular biology, virology, epidemiology, biomedical engineering, etc. which are applied in all the fields of healthcare and the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Topics that are covered under biomedical science:-
  1. Biomedical science and biomedical scientist
  2.  Microscopy
  3. Spectroscopy
  4. Chromatography
  5. Radioactivity and radiation
  6. Preparing and measuring reagents
  7. Immunological techniques
  8. Laboratory automation
  9. Health and safety
  10. Communications in laboratory medicine
biomedical science assignment help

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Biomedical science courses/ modules:

  • Life Sciences Foundation: This course of foundation mainly focuses on including knowledge of fundamental biological, biochemical, mathematical, and academic skills and on developing your scientific skills.
  • Animal Biology and Conservation: This covers the degree with a focus on developing laboratory and field-based skills and interpreting data; and the evolutionary origins of ecology, behavior, and conservation of wild animals.
  • Biological Science:  this degree is basically designed to help the students mainly concentrate where their interests lie before they adapt to the next degree or like, focusing on the conservation of biochemistry or cell biology.
  • Biological Sciences (Human Bio-sciences): this course concentrates on the biology of humans at the whole human level with the study of neuroscience, the study of cell biology, the study of nutrition, and genomics such as core physiology. This also helps the students to develop their skills in the field which include data handling and laboratory techniques.
  • Biological Sciences (Zoology): this course looks after all the phases of the biology of animals from their genetics, morphology, evolution, development, and behaviour to their ecology and preservation, and infinitesimal and biochemical levels. Students will evolve their skills in the field which include modern laboratory techniques and in the areas of computational biology.
  • M Biol Biological Sciences: this amalgamated master's program is planned for students who are already immersed in concentrating on a career to become a professional scientist. Students can develop their skills in understanding a specialized field of biomedical science which includes evolution, atomic biology, genetics, zoology, etc.
  • Conservation Ecology: this degree mainly develops the skills of students professionally and also includes the recognition and survey techniques that are effectual or required for the s conservation of UK/EU or international pathways.
biomedical science assignment help

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