How to write dissertation results section?

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06 Jul, 2024
06 Jul, 2024

 A dissertation is a research project that greatly helps in your field of research or study. Dissertations are written by graduate students so that they can earn their doctorate. Based on the academic discipline, a dissertation’s content and format are different. How to write a dissertation is what you must know before writing the dissertation results section. Here, the definition of dissertation results will be explained in a better manner. After this, the ways to write the dissertation results section, dissertation results chapter examples and the person who can help one write a dissertation results section in the UK will be provided.

What are Dissertation Results

What are Dissertation Results?

  • The Dissertation Results section will help you in presenting your results of research in a manner that is short and to the point.

  • Concerning quantitative research, for every question, the type of identification that is used is stated after which the results that are relevant are provided in the form of statistics that are descriptive.

  • Concerning qualitative research, for every question, important responses from individuals and quotations from the data and information that are relevant will be provided.

how to write results section of dissertation

How to write dissertation results section?

How to write dissertation results section

The ways using which you can effectively write the dissertation results section are as follows:

  • In order to write dissertation results section, first you need to visit Google Scholar and search for information about any topic. You will get an idea of the ways a dissertation is written along with detailed information about the dissertation results section.

  • Make sure that the dissertation results section comes after the Methodology section which comes after the Literature Review section.

  • Be it qualitative or quantitative research, a dissertation results section must have an introduction through which the aims and objectives of your research are provided.

  • It must further have a body through which your achieved results during the process of the research are written and a short conclusion through which the findings of the study are summarised which helps you a detailed idea about the detailed discussion concerning research implications.

  • The dissertation results chapter must be written in a simple past tense since a study or research is being reported that has been carried out in the past.

  • You must make sure that every finding that has been highlighted is similar to the question of the research. Data and information must be provided that has been collected from appropriate sources like interviews and surveys, or secondary qualitative research such as data from articles and journals in Google Scholar.

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  • The results chapter in the dissertation consists of the identification of data and information. The summary of the results is contained in the conclusion chapter.

  • Make sure the introduction is written first which is the first chapter. How to write a dissertation intro is what you must know before you analyze how to write a dissertation literature review.

  • While writing a dissertation intro you provide the aim of the study along with the objectives of the study and research questions and problem statement. The next chapter is the literature review. Then comes the Methodology chapter after which comes the results section, before the conclusion and recommendation section.

  • How to write a dissertation methodology is something that you must also know. While writing a methodology you provide the techniques and methods you used to carry out the research and the reasons why you used those techniques.

  • How to write a dissertation conclusion is what you must know as well. A short conclusion is written along with recommendations where you provide suggestions for future research.

writing the results section of a dissertation

Dissertation results chapter examples

Dissertation results chapter examples

The dissertation results chapter can be written in the following ways

  • Firstly, you need to summarise the objectives and goals of the dissertation.

  • Divide the objectives into different categories.

  • A summary of the sources needs to be provided that helped you in carrying out the research. If it’s secondary research, sources may consist of books, reports, and journals from Google Scholar.

  • Findings need to be categorized into themes similar to the research's objective or aim.

  • For every theme, the important findings need to be summarised, and supported evidence must be provided from the sources.

  • Comparing and contrasting between different sources need to be carried out where you need to provide differences and similarities and gaps need to be analyzed.

  • Gaps are where you need to find what major portion has not been covered and which needs to be covered.

  • The results chapter needs to be concluded by providing a summary of the major findings.  

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Who can help me to write dissertation results section in UK?

Who can help me to write dissertation results section in UK

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  • Concludingly it can be said that a dissertation results chapter helps you in presenting your results of the study in a short and to-the-point manner.

  • The dissertation Results chapter is written in a way where the objectives of the research are summarised, a summary of the sources are provided, findings are categorized into themes and for each theme, major findings are summarised, different sources are compared and contrasted, gaps are analyzed and a brief conclusion is provided where you provide the summary the key findings.

  •  Workingment is a dissertation writing service in the UK that has been helping students write dissertation results sections for many years.


FAQs about Dissertation Results Section

Q.1 What happens if you fail your dissertation?

  • If you have pursued an ordinary degree, if you fail your dissertation, you will still be able to graduate.

  • If you have pursued a master's, if you fail your dissertation or resubmission of PhD thesis, you will not be able to graduate and the topic concerning failure is greatly torturing for many students.

Q.2 When do you get dissertation results?

You get your dissertation results within a few weeks or a couple of months. The actual time spent in marking the dissertation is different.

Q.3 When do dissertation results come out?

Your dissertation results come out as soon as possible after the examination. Sometimes it takes even a month to mark a dissertation.

Q.4 How long to get dissertation results?

Sometimes you get your dissertation results within a few weeks of the examination or even within a couple of months. At certain times the results are announced as soon as possible after the examination.

Q.5 How to analyze findings in a dissertation?

  • You can analyze findings in the dissertation by stressing on weaknesses in your findings and identifying the ways in which the findings could have been limited by the context based on aim, dependability, and so on.

  • You need to analyze the weaknesses and drawbacks of your research and the reasons behind it.

  •  You need to create accurate ideas of the importance of your findings in the dissertation. Thus, you must include a discussion of the evidence that has been collected which consists of strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, and possible sources of partiality that the included studies contain.

How to analyse findings in a dissertation

Q.6 How to present findings in a dissertation?

  • You can effectively present findings in a dissertation through the help of visuals which consist of graphs, charts, maps, or diagrams.

  • Differences and comparisons are portrayed through the help of visual aids.

  • It also helps in highlighting the most important points of data and information.

The following steps need to be followed if you are presenting findings in a dissertation.

  • Consider the topic’s summary in question that consists of relevant literature.

  • Describe the contribution of your experiments to past findings.

  • Try to keep the introduction as short as possible

  • Avoid giving away the technique and data that are detailed which has been collected in your experiment.

Q.7 What is findings in dissertation?

  • You provide the results of the research in the findings section of the dissertation.

  • The findings in the dissertation are provided with the help of diagrams, statistics, graphs, and figures.

  •  Findings in the dissertation in general are the results of a research project, the suggestions, revelations, and indications of the project.

  • It is the totality of the results rather than a mere conclusion or inference.

  • All in all, the findings section of the dissertation is the dissertation’s most important component.

  • The results of the research are presented through findings.

  • Findings further help in analyzing the ability of the researcher to identify data and information and draw appropriate conclusions depending on the findings.

  • The five steps in findings include an introduction, general statement, description, analysis, and conclusion.

  • The findings consist of a summary that needs to be provided in the end. In the summary, you need to present the major data and information concerning the most important results of the research including the estimate of better effect and the evidence’s certainty for every result. 

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