How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

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27 Jun, 2024
27 Jun, 2024

"Dissertation Literature Review" is not a new term for the students who have listened multiple times this term at their university and are tired of hearing this phrase. If you do not know what it is and how to write a dissertation literature review, don't worry. We are here to provide you with the best assistance with the step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation literature review.

What is a Dissertation Literature Review?

What is a dissertation literature review

Many students encounter many problems when they have their dissertation or thesis projects because they don't know how to write a dissertation. In this case, it is needed to learn to write a dissertation. Today we are here with the topic of literature review. A dissertation literature review is written on behalf of your research related to your topic. Literature review is a part of your dissertation project and it is a critical assessment of the sources that you find.

A literature review summarises the arguments found in other sources. Many students encounter misunderstandings about what exactly a dissertation literature review includes.

A literature review's format or structure depends on its topic and guidelines.  However, it requires you to engage with the text to convey your aims of it including positive or negative opinions of you. In a literature review, this is the sort of critical engagement that is expected from you.

The summary provides a simple recap of the general arguments of the sources. A literature review provides perspective on a classic research paper. A literature review can be mixed up with the content of new and old interpretations.

A literature review never makes new contributions. A literature review is a very important and essential part of any academic writing that's why some dissertation literature review help is available in the market.

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Dissertation Literature Review Structuredissertation literature review structure

Before start writing a dissertation literature review, you need to have a dissertation literature review structure. A dissertation literature review needs a clear, logical structure that includes the given components:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

However, it is the general format of writing a dissertation literature review structure. There is no single correct way to structure a literature review. The literature review structure always depends on the nature of the topic.

Once you define a structure, you cannot iterate on it. So make sure that your dissertation literature review structure is correct. Let's go with the further step How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?


How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

For those students who are not familiar with literature review, it can be challenging for them to write a dissertation literature review. To write a literature review, you have to follow set guidelines regarding structure, content, and writing style. Here are we providing the full guide to write a dissertation literature review.

How to write Dissertation Literature Review abstract?

To write a dissertation literature review, you need to write an abstract because it is written to provide potential readers with an overview of the review content. It is written to determine if it is relevant to the research or not.

An abstract includes brief background information, knowledge gaps or discrepancies, and a statement of the review purpose. An abstract contains a brief statement of your findings to the broader context.

How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review Introduction?

As you know a dissertation introduction should be attractive and so many students don't know how to write a dissertation introduction as well as they don't know how to write a literature review introduction. To write a dissertation literature review introduction, you will have to follow some major points in the introduction to provide the value and purpose of your review to your reader with the context. Here are the general guidelines for writing a structured review introduction:

  • Start the introduction with the relevant background information and definitions of the concept of your research topic.
  • Make sure that you provide the relevant information for your specific topic. Also, explain the topic's importance and why it is worth reading your literature review.
  • Also, mention the scope of your review to the reader and what key points you are about to cover in the body of your review.
  • Also, mention the aim or purpose of your literature review that is included at the end of the introduction

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How to write a Literature Review Main Body Content? 

The body of the literature review includes your reviews related to your request question or aim. Your sub-topics or sections should be in such an order so that sub-topics can justify your research question.

After 1st step, go for the logical order so that your body can discuss your sections. Also, create sub-headings that will help create a logical literature review structure. It will keep you focused on sub-topics relevant to your research aim.

It is very important to analyze the literature in the body of your literature review. A description of the key points is very important to give the reader context.

Also, make sure that your review includes an analysis of the key themes and the gap in understanding. You can organize your body paragraphs by following the given ways:

  • Always organize your body paragraphs on behalf of your topic.
  • Group your literature sources into paragraphs on behalf of similar arguments or findings
  • Categorize your sources into similar sub-topics
  • Compare different findings with a single paragraph

Another method of organizing body paragraphs is doing group papers together. This will help you to define your understanding of the literature.

Dissertation Literature Review Conclusion

The conclusion part contains how you answer your research question or how you achieve your research aim. This section will help your reader to know you have achieved what you intended.

You need to highlight the key points you discussed. Then you should refer to the implications of your findings in a broader sense. The conclusions part starts specifically and finishes broadly. You have to keep in mind several conventions when you are writing your conclusion.

  • Never include new information in your conclusion
  • Highlight the key points that have been raised in the earlier sections of your literature review
  • Don't include in-text citations in your conclusion

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FAQs About Dissertation Literature Review

Q.1 How long should a dissertation literature review be?

Ans. There are no fixed words or pages for the length of a literature review. It varies depending on its purpose and audience. However, a literature review should be approx 30% of your dissertation word count. If your dissertation is 10000 words then the literature review will be of approx of 3000 words. 

Q.2 Can a dissertation be a literature review?

Ans. Yes, a dissertation can be a literature review. A literature review is often written as part of a dissertation because literature reviews are a survey of scholarly sources related to the research topic. For example, if your dissertation is a report then it can be a literature review. 

Q.3 Does a dissertation need a literature review?

Ans.  A literature review is a vital part of the dissertation so it should be crafted if you have a dissertation project. 

Q.4 What percentage of the dissertation is a literature review?

Ans. The 30% of the dissertation is a literature review.