Part Time Jobs for Students in London UK

admin By Vipul Jain
06 Jul, 2024
06 Jul, 2024

Are you studying in the United Kingdom, especially in London, and in greater need of a job to fulfill your day-to-day needs? Most international learners in the UK work while schooling not just for financial reasons but to get practical experience too. It is highly suggested that if you are studying in London you need to work while studying because only then will you get to know the new working environment.

Part Time Jobs for Students in London UK

Here is the list of the top 10 part-time jobs for students in London UK: 

1. Server

  • Do you like talking and engaging with several people? You can opt for a waiter’s profession.
  • The service industry especially restaurants and pubs are hiring servers regularly all over London, and for good reason.
  • If you have English language as a second language it will be an excellent opportunity for you to improve your spoken and listening English within the framework of this job in a communicative environment of a large city.

Server Part-time Job

2. Teaching Assistant

  • The position of a teaching assistant is another incredible, flexible, and part-time job for students in London.
  • You will contribute to the presentations of lessons, give comments to those individuals who have come to receive education, and earn practical experience in the subject in which you are studying. 

Teaching Assistant part-time job

3. Tutor

  • Tutoring can also be a very satisfying job. You would be able to teach children, teenagers, other university students, or disabled persons with special needs.
  • Certain tutoring jobs would want you to hold a degree in the specialty that you are tutoring.

Tutor Part-time Job

4. Dog Walker

  • If you are an animal lover and wish to be free from the pressures of the worldly life then being a dog walker is the best profession for you.
  • This job will be better for you if you want to have a regular walk.

Dog Walker Part-time Job

5. Retail Worker

  • Sales jobs can also be easily obtained all over London, particularly before the holiday season.
  • No matter, if you want to get a job at a bookstore, clothing store, or computer shop, employment in the retail field, will be a good practice for you in customer relations.
  • Commissions and employee discounts will also be provided to you in some of the positions.

Retail Worker Part-time Job

6. Translator

  • Really if you are fluent in any language, you can use this by becoming a translator.
  • There are many documents, articles, research papers, or even websites that can be translated so your daily occupation needs to translate for a while even if you are not a professional translator.

Translator Part-Time Job

7. Research Assistant

  • If you are a graduate and doctoral student you can possibly get a job in their universities as research assistants.
  • Such positions are usually paid every month and sometimes every year and most of them offer greater experience in conducting research and publishing the results of the research. 

Research Assistant part-time job

8. Hotel Receptionist

  • If you like to interact with various people in the world, it is great to work as a hotel receptionist.
  • The practice of communication and language skills is also possible while doing this job, especially improving relations with customers. 

Hotel Receptionist part-time job

9. Barista

  • It will be a perfect job for you if you love coffee and morning shifts because a barista is, in fact, a coffee maker.
  • That way, you will be able to prepare a range of coffee products and qualify to be known as a coffee professional.
  • It also means that the skills which you are learning when being a barista are also applicable meaning that it is handy knowledge when looking for other jobs.

Barista Part-time job

10. Prep Cook

  • The responsibilities of a prep cook include a process of cooking, obeying the directions from the head chef, and cleaning.
  • This job will enable you to gain knowledge on how to prepare various foods and dishes which one could attempt to prepare at home.
  • The experience that you will be acquiring along the line as a prep cook is one that is important and can be used at almost any stage in your life.

Prep Cook part-time job

Working Hours and Limitations 

  • As a full-time understudy in the UK, you can work as long as 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during college breaks.
  • Understudies concentrating underneath degree level can stir as long as 10 hours per week. 

Where to Look for Part

  • Time Jobs Figuring out a section opportunity work in London requires greater devotion, yet various assets can help.
  • Visit your college's professional community for resume and prospective employee meeting suggestions. 

Last Tips:

  • Adjusting your work and study can be testing, but with the right profession, you can deal with your funds, achieve significant experience, and capitalize on your time in London.